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Kids Garden

Kids Garden has an holistic view of the children. We see every child as unique and competent with inner capabilities to develop and learn. Researchers suggest that the preschool years are a period in life when the child is especially receptive for learning a language and logical thinking. The brain forms effortlessly and the tempo of development is high. The child´s receptivity, capability to learn and motivation are at its highest peak. Therefore, efforts made towards stimulating a child’s language and mathematical abilities give higher dividends than at any time later in life.

"Children learn to express themselves through multilingual knowledge in other areas of symbolic and abstract thought."
— Vygoskij (1999)


Our main language is Swedish, but already from the age of one we offer the child the possibility to learn English in a pleasurable way. Kids Garden also supports the child's mother tongue and we have well-developed programmes for maths and motor skills.

The three pillars of Kids Garden

  1. Collaboration with the parents
  2. Continuously trained and committed teachers
  3. Pedagogy

The competent and creative child

Children are born with curiosity and an eagerness to learn. Every child is unique, competent and creative with an innate ability to develop and learn. We believe in the child's possibilities and respect and promote the joy of exploration innate to them. We are aware of the natural gifts of intelligence and curiosity the child is endowed with from birth and we take into consideration and respect the child's experiences, curiosity, interests and opinions.

Our vision

Our vision is to offer a safe, creative and stimulating environment where the child can learn and develop and get equipped for lifelong learning with a basic set of durable values.This enables us to meet every child with respect and to take care of their needs and qualities; to appreciate them as they are and to strengthen their self-respect and safety.

Kids Garden is owned by ProCrescendo Active Education AB. The principal has no economic interests and the possible surplus is reinvested in the activities according to the articles of the association.