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Basic values

We have some foundational basic values:

  • Knowledge:

    Kids Garden has a comprehensive view of the children and their various needs. Our curriculum is comprehensive and inspires children to learn and be the basis of a lifelong learning.

  • Consideration:

    Kids Garden believes in the equality of all people and is based on democratic values. We promote the wellbeing and health of the children. They are met with respect, sensitivity and love. We strive to bring a spirit of harmony, joy and warmth which allows children to feel welcome and to be able to benefit from the care and learning that is offered. This leads them to respect their peers and teachers and their environment.

  • Safety:

    The pedagogic activity takes place in an environment where the child feels safe and appreciated, with a well-adjusted daily rhythm and healthy and nutritious food.

  • Fellowship:

    The education is non-confessional, in accordance with the educational law chapter 1, art. 7. All children, irrespective of the ideological convictions of their guardians or their religious beliefs, are made welcome.

  • Equal treatment:

    The teachers work systematically to promote equal treatment and make sure that action is taken if there are any violations and always keep the interests of each child in mind. Parents are kept informed. Action is taken and followed up to ensure that the violation is not repeated. The principle of zero tolerance against discrimination and all forms of violation are applied in all spheres of our activity.

    ProCrescendo Active Education AB has a plan for equal treatment (according to the law of discrimination) and a plan for the work against violation treatment (according the school law).

Kids Garden's three basic pillars

  1. Collaboration with parents
  2. Continually educated and engaged teachers
  3. Pedagogy

We believe that the interplay with the surroundings has a great importance for the children's health and development. A well-functioning communication and interplay children/grown- ups, children/children and grown-ups/grown-ups increase the child's self-confidence and trust and develops their identity in a positive way.

The interplay between the parents/guardians and the children play an important role in Kids Garden. The children learn all the time. The interplay between the home and the preschool is therefore of great importance for the children's learning. A natural bridge between the preschool activities and the home is created and the parents get a greater possibility to influence the activities and how they are being formed.

"It is in the collaboration with other people and cultures that the individual is developed" — Vygotskij (1978)