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Quality work

The principal of the preschool is the one who is in charge of the quality of the work (planning, follow up, evaluation and the development of the activities). The staff, the children and the parents are also involved and part of the process. The child's perspective is always in focus..

ProCrescendo Active Education has written routines for the receptions and investigation of complaints as a part of the way we work. The principal promotes an open culture so that when complaints come in they can be dealt with as soon as possible and any shortcomings fixed. Information about these routines are available at several levels: the information-folder, which each family receives when the child is acclimatized at school, in the home-page menu Log-in, and at parent-teacher meetings so that there is maximum clarity and transparency. Our ambition is to investigate and take care of complaints as soon as they are known.

There are 26 quality-goals in our operations.

Quality goals

Parents are asked to participate in a in our quality control inquiry in five areas (from the Lpfö ): norms and values (4 questions), development and learning (10 questions), the feedback form children (3 question) preschool and home (3 questions), staff and activity (5 questions).


Below are the results of the first year's inquiry, in which all the parents participated:

100 % of the parents answered "we agree totally" on the question of whether they would recommend Kids Garden. This is encouraging for our work!

98 % of all the answers were "we agree" or "we agree completely". 88 % of these answers were "we agree totally" and 2 % were "we do not know".

The quality control inquiry helps us to maintain the quality in areas where we have achieved our goals and helps us focus on areas where there is potential for improvement. This will continue to be the systematic method of quality control.