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Parental Involvement

The World Bank believes that community-focused family programs are one of the most effective ways of building human capital, as well as preventing exclusion, segregation and poverty. It promotes democracy, human rights and equality.

Preschool should be a support for families in their responsibility for the child's education, development and growth. The preschool's task involves working with parents to ensure that each child is able to develop according to his or her prerequisites.

"The family is the natural and basic unit of society and is entitled to the protection of society and the state"
— UN Human Rights Article, 16.


Research has shown that family involvement is a crucial factor in how the child will succeed in its development and learning. Anairis Hinojosa and M. Elena Lopez (2015) Putting an Equity Lens on Family Engagement in Oregon, Haward Family Reseach Project, Cambrige, USA

  • The family is important for the child's belonging and identity.
  • In the family, the child is aknowledged, seen and understood.
  • The family has the potential to influence and encourage children's learning, language development and cultural identity.
  • The child with his abilities and opportunities needs role models, with the ability to listen curiously to the child's thoughts, ideas and theories.
  • It stimulates the child by challenging and exercising the child in natural meaningful contexts in the child's everyday life and environment.

The family has rights, obligations, but also the potential to influence and change his or her life's situation. We believe that the family has an important role in the development of society. When the family is strong, society is strong.

Unfortunately, the image of the strong family is not always true. Instead, the family can be an unsafe place. This may be due to both external and internal circumstances. However, we believe in the ability of man to improve his life situation. (Www.youthkids.se)

Communication & Support

In collaboration with the family, Kids Garden wants to support and strengthen parents in their role.

Together with parents, we want to convey values ​​and working practices, offer parents tools to reach the goal of our business, through courses, seminars, meetings, conversations, consultancy support, etc. with constant and diligent communication.

The parents are offered courses from our partners, including from the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD), an advisory body to the UN Economic and Social Council aimed at strengthening the family, the most important cell in society.

Through our partners, the following courses will be offered to the parents:

  • Upbringing in early age (0-6 years)
  • Stimulation of the children's ability to listen
  • Challenges regarding childbirth and food habits
  • Consequence and affection

We offer meetings for parents related to children, parenting and family life. Even parents who do not have children at Kids Garden are welcome. Contact the Preschool Manager to know time, place and subject.