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Our environment

The preschool is situated in a quiet residential district close to a forest. It has a fine and modern plan with both large and small areas for play and pedagogic activities. The premises are owned by the municipality of Täby and fulfil all their requirements. The yard is about 1800 square meters with a sandpit, slides, swings, places for balancing games and lawn. It is divided with fences for the younger children´s more quiet games. At the preschool there is a parking place for eight cars.

Opening hours

The preschool Kid´s Garden offers child-care between 06.30 – 17.30 (18.00) in accordance with the guiding principles of the municipality of Täby. Information about opening hours and public holidays during the term here.


The food is prepared on the premises using high quality ingredients which are chosen with care. Everything is cooked from scratch and ecological ingredients are used wherever possible. We do not use any products with added sugar. We use honey or fruits and vegetables with sweeter tastes e.g. bananas, carrots and red peppers.

We can offer special food for children with allergies and we adhere to the guidelines of the National Food Administration for the preschool. Besides offering nutritious food, mealtimes are quiet and time for fellowship.

A day at the preschool

A day at the preschool is characterized by free play (indoors or outdoors). At 9 o'clock we slowly start gathering all the children and slowly start language learning, cognitive and movement games, singing and nursery rhymes, gross-motor ability and a musical interlude.

Lunch is served at 11.00. After lunch, the children have time to rest and story reading. In the afternoon there are games and gatherings in English, outdoor play, nature walks and snacks.

Each week we have creative experiments, baking and stories that instil good habits (we encourage good manners, like greeting one another and apologising etc).

The children go on an excursion at least once a week where they have the possibility to explore and learn from the natural environment.