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Our teachers

The staff caring for the children in our pre-school are trained and qualified pedagogues as required by law. They receive ongoing training biannually and keep in touch with the latest developments in their field.

We have monthly development meetings with the staff. Through grants from the EU we are able to provide our personnel to travel abroad, e. g. Spain and Ireland and get inspired.

The staff ensures that all children in their care feel secure, develop and grow in at their own pace according to their individual abilities and stage of maturity.

It is important that the staff give an example of their adherence to the values and methods described above in accordance with the curriculum which emphasises: respect, solidarity, freedom and the equality of everyone


Head of the preschool/preschool-teacher

Rebecca Lages Rebecca is a trained preschool teacher and works with us as principal and preschool teacher. She has previous experience of working at Reggio Emilia-inspired preschools and is currently training in Montessori education. She thinks it's great to work with children and be challenged to look at things with new eyes every day. The creativity of the preschool teacher profession brings so much joy! She loves the forest, literature, theater, singing and moving, which are some of the things she brings to work with the children. She lives in Åkersberga with husband and two children and is involved in outdoor leisure activities. .

Montessori educated preschool teachers

Matilda Ghilardi is a recently graduated preschool teacher specialising in the Montessori methods. Matilda is a very good teacher loved by the children.

Child Carers

Ping Gao Ping Gao is a newly graduated childcare worker. I have a strong belief that all children want and can learn, only their interest is stimulated properly. I think the children's desire to learn arises when you meet the child where it is."

Maria Olsson Maria Olsson is also a newly qualified childcare worker. Mother of Johannes, 2 years old. "I love working with the kids. They are the best investment and the future of society. Our treasure!"

Supplies manager and child carer

Jeanette Escobar has worked at Kids Garden since the autumn 2016 and is much appreciated by the children. Jeanette has also worked with different EU projects. She also has other administrative tasks.

Languages and learning go together helps in developing the child's identity. To encourage the language abilities of the children the teachers are at least, bilingual.

Further education & activity development

The teachers are responsible to follow the curriculum as described and to follow guidelines and principles. There are weekly teachers’ meetings where the staff can exchange experiences and evaluate their work. It is also an opportunity for continuously improving the quality of our work, the children’s comfort and the cooperation with parents.

Teachers are expected to convey hope, love and respect to the children where no one feels left out or injured and where the teachers, parents too feel welcome.